January 12, 2022
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Historic Acres of Hershey Wedding | Kylie + Joey

Kylie and Joey had a dream wedding day at Historic Acres of Hershey last October. From start to finish everything was perfection. The vision of their day was “simple elegance” and for everything to be romantic and timeless. And that’s exactly what it was. The colors of the wedding party was black velvet dresses and black tuxes. The venue’s colors were black, white, silver, and a bunch of greenery to create this romantic and timeless atmosphere.

I couldn’t get over how stunning the bride was and her dress! It reminded me of Princess Tiana, but the bridal version! Beyond beautiful!

Read more about the wedding day from the bride:

What moment of your wedding day were you most looking forward to?

I was most looking forward to the first looks with my fiance and my father. Those were so special to me because I got to see their real, surprised emotions when they saw me.

What was your vision for the day!?

The vision for our wedding day was to be filled of simple elegance. The style we wanted for the venue, food, and atmosphere was romantic and timeless. The venue’s buildings, greenery, colors, and layout felt timeless itself. The idea of adding to the venue’s beauty with our own touches amplified the whole experience that guests would feel when they arrived. The guest would start their venue experience with the corn crib with the grand chandelier and a collage of photos of Joseph and I, who have been together 8 years two days before our wedding day. After passing through the corn crib, the guests would step onto the beautiful stone pathway to lead them to the ceremony that sat across a stunning pond and water fountain. The ceremony location was serene and an oasis for any couple to be married. Our ceremony was everything that we could of ever dreamed of. The weather was perfect, the guests were unplugged and tuned in, the bridal party looked stunning, the groomsmen were as charming as ever, and the moment when Joseph and I said ‘I DO’ everyone cheered.

Was there any significance/story to your venue/location?

The venue location was a hidden gem. My grandmother, who was also my flower gal, lived and grew up on the same street as this venue. It was one of those moments where you think to yourself “everything happens for a reason.”

Was there any significance/story to your wedding date?

October was a special month for Joseph and I, since he asked me to be his girlfriend 8 years ago on October 15, 2013. We tried to hard to find a venue that had that date available, but the 17th of October was just as perfect. In fact, my parents were married on October 27th, so we are 10 days before them, which is another reason why October is just so special to us.

Details about the reception, gimme all the details!

The reception was absolutely stunning. The whole pavilion was glowing from the grand and glamorous chandeliers to all the candles lit in the floating votive glasses on every table. Once of the best things about receptions is when the entrances start. Our wedding party was so fun and creative with their entrances that the whole pavilion was filled with laughter. When Joseph and I walked it, it felt so magical and like a Disney princess movie.

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