April 19, 2022
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White Cliffs Of Conoy Engagement | Katlyn + Corey

I can’t believe we were treated to an insanely gorgeous night for this shoot, and then the next day it dumped snow! I swear it was like the powers that be were looking out for these two. Anyway, I’ll take it because Katlyn and Corey had the best weather and the sweetest love.

In a twist on the story of high school sweethearts, although Katlyn and Corey met in high school, they didn’t find love until after they’d left those hallowed halls! Katlyn relayed that they found one another again at the perfect moment when they were both ready to embark on a beautiful love story.

Isn’t that a fantastic thought? You can come back to each other a little older, a little wiser, maybe even a little scuffed up, but as just the right fit for the other. *Cue whimsical music*

What a great love story, which I got to see on display during their session at the White Cliffs of Conoy. This simple, sweeping vista really highlights the couple themselves as they stand in relief against the views. It’s such a magnificent place to visit.

Thank you Katlyn and Corey for letting me capture these moments, and we’re all looking forward to an elegant wedding in June of 2023! 

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