February 8, 2022
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Hotel Du Village Wedding | Nicole + Ryan

Nicole and Ryan got married last October at Hotel Du Village and it was a DREAM. From start to finish everything was so incredible, they went with a modern and rustic vibe, using sage and neutrals throughout. The most important thing to them was for the guest experience an for everyone to have a great time laughing, eating and dancing. DONE!

Read more about their vision and wedding day:

What moment of your wedding day were you most looking forward to?

– Definitely walking down the aisle. It felt like a dream, and I totally thought I was going to cry but when the moment came and I locked eyes with Ryan we were just so happy and smiling so big, it was such a special moment that I’ll remember forever.

What was your vision for the day!? The style/feel, what were you hoping the guests experience, what were you most excited for!? Tell me everything!

– I wanted a very fun morning getting ready with all the girls (and I know Ryan is looking forward to the same with his groomsman!), relaxing and having champagne. And then the ceremony, the church is beautiful and it meant so much to us that we’d be seeing each other for the first time when I was walking down the aisle! Then after the ceremony we were so excited for the ride back to the venue in the party bus with the entire wedding party, and it did not disappoint. We also planned to have a good amount of time before the cocktail hour started, so we could take our time with pictures and make use of all of the beautiful grounds at Hotel Du Village. Ryan and I also wanted to be able to attend the cocktail hour to spend more time with our guests! Food is very important to us, so we had a great time picking out what would be served and what our guests would love. I think one thing we heard a lot after our wedding was how beautiful the venue was, and how much everyone loved the outdoor space as well, which was something we were hoping going into the day because that’s also how we felt. And then finally for the reception, we just wanted everyone to have a great time! The most important thing to us for guest experience was for everyone to have a great time laughing, eating and dancing 🙂

Was there any significance/story to your venue/location?

– Not really, we just went to see the venue and fell in love with the property and the town of New Hope! And also loved the fact that our entire wedding party and close family members could stay at the venue with us for the weekend.

Was there any significance/story to your wedding date?

– We always knew we wanted to get married on a Friday in October, but the date 10/22 was special because my matron of honor and I played college softball together and our numbers were 10 and 22 🙂 so once we found out that date was an option we knew it was the one!

Wedding Colors/theme?

– Sage green / neutrals, with a modern rustic vibe.

Details about the reception, gimme all the details!

– One of the other things we talked about a ton before the wedding was the wedding party entrances to kick off the reception, and we purposely matched up our friends based on who we thought would be funny together – and we were definitely on point (lol). And then of course the dances! Ryan and I’s dance was so special to us, Luke Combs is one of our favorite artists and that song was just so perfect. We still can’t listen to it now months later because it makes us cry! My dad and I danced to our song (Brown Eyed Girl) which was a blast, and then Ryan and his mom ran the show with their choreographed dance that everyone went crazy for. And then of everything we talked about with our wedding, one of the biggest things we were most excited about was the band / music. We absolutely loved our band and then killed it, Ryan was sweating into his eyes and someone had to get him a towel to wipe his face (LOL). We wanted the night to end with everyone on the dance floor having a great time, and it really was the best ending to the day.


Venue: Hotel Du Village

Florals: An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village

Dress: Seng Couture

Suits (Groom + Groomsman): Jos A Bank

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Dessy Group

Hair & Makeup: True Beauty Marks

Cake: Palermo’s Bakery

Entertainment: Excel Live

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